Kenneth Pereira

Despite his recent start in 2020, Kenneth Pereira has already made a remarkable impact with his passion for bringing characters to life. When he’s not cosplaying, Kenneth is an IT Professional and an all-around nerd, with a deep love for survival horror games and the horror genre.
With his unwavering dedication, Kenneth has turned his childhood dream into reality by embodying iconic game characters. Prepare to be amazed as he flawlessly portrays the legendary Leon S. Kennedy from the gripping Resident Evil series, capturing every nuance of the character’s bravery and resilience. Kenneth’s portrayal of James Sunderland from the classic Silent Hill 2 is equally mesmerizing, as he delves into the depths of psychological horror with haunting accuracy.
But Kenneth’s versatility doesn’t end there! He also brings to life the lovable and quirky Eddie Munson from the beloved series Stranger Things, making fans feel like they’ve stepped straight into the Upside Down. With his attention to detail, Kenneth’s costumes are nothing short of extraordinary.
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