Nicci’s Pickles

Meet Nicci, a passionate pickle artisan with a rich Polish heritage. Her pickle-making journey started as a cherished family tradition, inspired by her grandmother’s recipes. With each jar of pickles, Nicci shares not just her delicious creations, but also a piece of her Polish heritage and the love she pours into her craft.
In 2021, Nicci’s culinary skills amplified as she clinched the coveted first place Harvest Cup Savory Edibles Competition. Her signature creation, the ‘Prickly But Sweet’ pickles, captured hearts and taste buds with their perfect blend of flavors.
Building on her success, Nicci continued to wow the canna and culinary community by winning the first place Grumpy Cup Edibles Competition in 2022 at the first Gumpy Cup BBQ. Her innovative approach to pickle-making and unwavering commitment to quality has set her apart from others in the local community