Davis Arts – Fandoms Illustrated

Davis Arts is comprised of Patrick and Myriah Davis.
Patrick is an illustrator for several trading card companies and has done officially licensed work for pop culture staples such as Star Wars, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Topps); Vampirella, Fallout, Bettie Page, KISS (Dynamite); as well as sets for Viceroy Card Co., Artists Unite, and annual charity card sets ‘Island Dreams’ and ‘Bomber Beauties’.
Most recently, Patrick’s work was published in the “Firefly Artbook: a Visual Celebration of Joss Whedon’s Swashbuckling ‘Verse”, from Printed in Blood and Titan Books.
Commissions can be taken on anything from trading cards to comic book covers, and larger compositions; with subjects ranging from well-known characters, cosplays, and/or OC’s.
Myriah is the craftier half of Davis Arts, and she crochets Amigurumi characters. These are generally made-to-order, but we always keep a stock of fan favorites from Harry Potter, Star Wars (particularly a certain ‘Asset’ from The Mandalorian!), Dr. Who, the Marvel Comic Universe, and more!
Facebook: DavisArtsFI/
Instagram: @pdavis1125