Dream Killer Cosplay

Invading your nightmares since 2015, Dream Killer Cosplay (formerly known as Nightmare Worcester) is New England’s premiere Freddy Krueger impersonator and performer.
While making appearances at major conventions across the country, this Springwood Slasher has been recognized and accompanied by the likes of Nightmare on Elm St. 2 star Mark Patton and several other cast members from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise including Heather Langenkamp, Amanda Wyss, Ken Sagoes, Kim Meyers, Mimi Craven, Ricky Dean Logan, Beatrice Boepple, Whit Hertford, Danny Hassel, Erika Anderson and Lisa Wilcox.
Capturing scream after scream in front of a massive boiler room themed backdrop, Dream Killer Cosplay is sure to create an experience that any horror fan would enjoy! Are you brave enough to step into the “boiler room” and meet the infamous slasher himself?! Whatever you choose to do… don’t…fall…asleep!”
Instagram & Facebook: DreamKillerCosplay