Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful is the 700 year-old witch hostess of Shilling Shockers, a horror-movie program in the tradition of Vampira, Zacherley, and other beloved television personalities. Penny presents classic horror, sci-fi, and fantasy films along with her ‘snarling darling’ werewolf husband Garou and the semi-retired monster hunter Dr. Manfred Von Bulow. The show is directed by Rebecca Paiva, who also appears onscreen in a variety of roles.
Shilling Shockers aired on local cable channels throughout New England from 2006-2016 and continues with annual Halloween specials on Vimeo.
Penny Dreadful was the first horror host to win the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award for “Favorite Horror Host” in 2007, and was again awarded the title in 2010. Penny has also been inducted into the Horror Host Hall of Fame. She currently hosts ‘Terror at Collinwood’, a podcast dedicated to the classic gothic horror television series, ‘Dark Shadows’.