Rough House Publishing

Rough House Publishing is a a punk rock, DYI production company of comic books, music & pulp media. Launched in 2011 by Comic Book artist, Derek Rook.
A true indie publisher of event style, original and licensed comic books, novels and VERY graphic novels! Each book is promoted as an event with loads of unique multimedia extras and each comes wrapped up in a copious amount of “tangible awesome” at no extra charge! For the fans, by the fans, …come and see why Rough House is the home of the not-so-funny books, music and pulp media!

DEREK ROOK – Artist/Publisher

Horror Artist/Writer/Publisher, Derek Rook is the founder of Rough House Publishing, a punk rock, multimedia production company of comic books, novels, music and pulp media responsible for releasing The Dead Omnibus, Gore Shriek Resurrectus and Mark of the Witchwyrm. As an artist, Rook has continued his bombastic kinetic art stylings to works such as Deadworld, Halloween and Lucio Fulci’s Zombie and Gates of Hell, as well as countless brands, advertisements, projects and publications.



Author/Artist/Storyteller currently with Rough House Publishing, Steve Van Samson is the author of the “Predator World” series books and numerous short stories. His writing tends to be on the pulpy side—intermingling genres like horror, dystopian with dark fantasy and adventure. A fierce proponent of character diversity and of avoiding cliché like the plague.