Cosplayer Yue Ryder

“I am 24 years old an from New Bedford Massachusetts.I’ve have been cosplaying for 9 years and still continue to do so! When I was younger I didn’t really know what I wanted to do but what I did know was I loved Comics, horror movies, books, Anime, & crafting. My dad would always watch a movie with me or we would craft together just for fun. As time went on I realized that I wanted to study in Fashion Design after I discovered that a local high school had a course for the profession. So when I was 8 I told myself “I’m going to work hard to get accepted into my dream school!”
At the age of 15 that dream came true and I was off to start training in the shop I wanted. For 3 years I studied not only fashion but also So much more from pattern drafting, modeling, illustration, photography, to Costume design & even financial aid. My mentor at the time noticed that I had an eye for costumes and she encouraged me to continue in what made me happy. Around 2013 one of my friends invited me to attend a Anime con in Boston and that was the first time I was introduced to the cosplay community. I kinda knew what it was but never really got into it until after attending my first con. It really opened a door to something I never thought I could ever do. Next thing I knew I was making and planning costumes left & right. My friends also helped lot because I started to cosplay a little more often and I would plan for big cons to attend. As the days turned into weeks and then months to now years!? I love making costumes and being able to share this hobby with so many others that also like it to!
My goal now is to teach and help those that are new to the community and share some ideas or tricks on how they can make their own costumes as well! I have a YouTube channel, Twitch channel, Facebook page, TikTok & a Instagram account where I display my work. I hope to meet more talented and creative people along this wonderful journey and I am excited to see what others have in store!’