Horrorticulture provides the strangest and most interesting locally grown plants in Rhode Island. We specialize in carnivorous plants such Sundews, Pitcher Plants, and the classic Venus Flytrap, as well as a variety of tropical fruit plants including Guava, Passionfruit, and Soursop.

The Knotty Witches

The Knotty Witches is a small business from the south coast of Massachusetts established in 2020. Their focus is to craft unique art in all of the products they create. They believe there’s a little witch in all of us! Instagram: @Knottywitchesinc Facebook: The Knotty Witches

Blood Sick Productions

Blood Sick Productions makes underground metal-punk horror movies shot on VHS. Led by writer/director/claymation artist Brewce Longo and Producer/Composer/Photographer Michael DiFrancesco, their films have a vintage lo-fi look shot entirely in analog. Their stories are rooted in bizarre true-crime stories and star a mix of B-movie classic actors, fetish models, and heavy metal band members. […]

Horror Author Reed Alexander

(He/Him) I’ve had multiple books and short stories published. I specialize in the terrifying, macabre, and the bizarre. My current publishing house is Madnessheart.Press and St. Rooster Books. I was most influenced by Sci-Fi horror writers Harlen Ellison and Robert Heinlein. Indeed, my all-time favorite is a collection of shorts The Deathbird Stories, by Ellison. […]

Screamin’ Skull Candle Company

Screamin’ Skull Candle Company is a family owned and operated small business located in RI. We hand pour wickedly delightful, and other-worldly fragrances for your home and space. We specialize in exclusive, one-of-a-kind wax creations and designs.


Nephewfxx is an eastern Massachusetts based artist that loves all things horror. Mold making, sculpting, and latex casting and painting is how he spends his free time. He is completely obsessed with all aspects of mask making. His work is mostly with masters that he owns, or has sculpted with the occasional purchased blank peppered […]

Fenham Publishing

Fenham Publishing is a small press that was established by Jim Dyer, grandson of C. M. Eddy, Jr. The press was formed to showcase the works of C. M. Eddy, Jr.- an author of macabre, mystery, and horror short stories from the pulp magazine era of the 1920’s, his most notable, Weird Tales. Mr. Eddy […]

Guillotine Creations

Meet Kenna Feci (pronounced fesh-ee), a local to “America’s Hometown” Plymouth, MA and the artist behind Guillotine Creations. Kenna is a self-taught artist who works with many media types; including pencil, acrylic brush paint, & paint markers, as well as digital art via ProCreate. Kenna wanted more for her art than just as a hobby, […]