Nicci’s Pickles

Meet Nicci, a passionate pickle artisan with a rich Polish heritage. Her pickle-making journey started as a cherished family tradition, inspired by her grandmother’s recipes. With each jar of pickles, Nicci shares not just her delicious creations, but also a piece of her Polish heritage and the love she pours into her craft. In 2021, […]

Neon Forest Designs

Neon Forest specializes in creating a range of sewn products. We love horror and the spooky season. We create items such as totes, aprons, mitts, pouches, etc. We love to create with practicality and whimsy in mind. We never shy away from color and aim to make items for spooky lovers everywhere. Instagram is @neon_forest_design

MAD Z Productions

MAD Z Productions is an independent production company located in western Massachusetts and formed in 2003 by filmmaker David Zagorski. Specializing in the horror genre, they’ve produced several feature length films, beginning with “Killing Brooke”. Their latest, “Horny Teenagers Must Die!” is a boundary pushing homage to 80’s slashers that has won a number of […]