My Best Fiendz Studio

Danny Fusello is a sculptor currently living in the beautiful state of Maine. He grew up in Los Angeles, where his fascination with the horror genre and classic films began at the very young age of five with his first viewing of the movie “Tales From The Crypt.” He was also captivated by the old Universal classic movie monsters and would often fall asleep at night reading his most treasured monster books on Dracula, the Mummy, and Frankenstein’s monster.

Starting off in special effects makeup, Danny’s current work continues to evolve and infuse humor into his fascination of sculpting monsters, creatures, and cult figures that are nostalgic of the horror movie genre, punk music, and literature from the past. His handcrafted and sculpted art dolls, and most recently his marionettes—are the culmination of his journey through art and film.

An avid horror fan herself, Lori Fusello is from Los Angeles as well and has been a leatherworker for 10 years. She uses the medium of leather to create “fantastical” and macabre masks using leather and metal leafing. Lori also offers a line of flasks and personal accessories using different kinds of leather such as water buffalo, bison, and traditional bovine leathers.