Granite State Freeze Dried Candy

We are Granite State Freeze Dried Candy, a family-owned and operated company here in Manchester NH. It’s Women and Veteran owned. Women by 1% more as my wife put it. We started in 2017 when freeze-dried candy just started and we perfected our craft over the next 2 years and in 2019 went public. We hit retail running ( But scared) and made a huge hit, with fudge, cookies, and a little freeze-dried candy. Over the next few years, we started noticing a following on social media and hit 1 million followers in 2021. Our gross sales were in or about !00K, not to bad for a PT family, out-of-home business.
Well, in 2022, Aug 2022 we went into our first commercial kitchen here in Manchester NH, started by a gentleman Josh Philbrick who owns a few Smoothie Stores in town ( Smoothie Bus Station plus 2 mobile units). He opened this kitchen to help businesses like ours grow.
We were the first business to enter this kind of facility in Manchester which is 10,000sq and beautiful. Anyways!!!
Jan 2023 our sales were growing and popularity also with our company. We hit $200,000 in sales and since meeting Josh and moving into the Kitchen we have learned how to run a business, able to grow from 1 freeze-dried machine to 8 , with 40 more inbound and going fully automated within 3 months when the machine arrives from China.
We have hit over $4,3 million in business evaluation and are now the hottest and largest freeze-dried candy company on the East Coast serving customers from Maine to Florida and 2 distribution deals and also now have 10 water and amusement parks we have been serving, growing to over 30 by years end.
We have been featured on the WMUR chronicle¬† ” Home at Last”. a huge write-up in NH Business Magazine in April 2023, and Won NH’s top 2 awards for business.
Best of NH 2023 and Best of the 603 2023.
We are now in talks with 3 of the largest candy and amusement businesses in the world on distribution and serving and have started our GFSI certification to get their business. That cert is the other food safety cert in the world to have, and we will be the only GFSI certified Freeze Dried Candy Company Globally.
We are also serving over 106 local NH and Mass, VT, and other state stores…PLUS 140 MILLION views on TikTok!