My Best Fiendz Studio

Danny Fusello is a sculptor currently living in the beautiful state of Maine. He grew up in Los Angeles, where his fascination with the horror genre and classic films began at the very young age of five with his first viewing of the movie “Tales From The Crypt.” He was also captivated by the old […]

Demonic DiMonte Creations

Domenic DiMonte is a Sculpture artist from Rhode Island. He specializes in Horror Sculptures. Some from notable movies but most from his own imagination. Demonic DiMonte Creations is currently working with Time Mission doing projects across the Country and hopes to expand the brand

Tim Clarke

Tim Clarke is a puppet builder who worked for The Jim Henson Company during the 1980s. He is credited on the movie Dark Crystal for creature design and fabrication supervision for The Mystics, the Pod People Slaves, the Crystal Bats, Landstrider, and environmental puppets. He also built Uncle Traveling Matt for Fraggle Rock from Michael […]