Guillotine Creations

Meet Kenna Feci (pronounced fesh-ee), a local to “America’s Hometown” Plymouth,
Massachusetts and the artist behind Guillotine Creations. Kenna is a self taught artist who
works with many media types; including pencil, acrylic brush paint, & paint markers, as well as
digital art via ProCreate.
Kenna wanted more for her art than just as a hobby, which is why she decided to start
Guillotine Creations as a platform to showcase and sell her artwork. Kenna does original art,
fan-art, and has even designed art pieces commissioned by private parties.
Pushing into expos and art shows in the spring of 2022, Kenna made the dream of putting her
art into the world a reality, as well as a side business. She loves working with darker imagery,
horror, & video games, as well as putting her own twist on the fan-art she does. Which is very
popular at the expos. However she does lighter and fun works as well; like with any artist it all
depends on mood, what’s happening in the environment around her, and what she feels people
would like to see.
You can find her on social media through Guillotine Creations, or go directly to her website If you’d like her to create something unique just for you, or would
like to have your favorite character done in her style, send a message!