Space Viking Productions

My name is Matt Crafton, I’m a professional artist and writer. My art begins as quick concepts, heavily inspired by video games, books, and movies. If I find a concept that I can’t let go of, it will become fully realized.

I’m a huge sci-fi and space nerd. So, when I was young and started drawing and writing that’s where I went instantly. I’ve branched considerably since then, but when my interest in military hardware combined with the love of sci-fi the drawings began resembling spacecraft and vehicles. Soon I wanted those to have places to inhabit. I imagined the worlds they would explore and the people that would be doing the exploring. So, I began telling their stories.

I wanted to go with them, to travel to places that exist out there, but are out of our reach. Worlds upon worlds, thousands of places that humans may never touch. I wanted to bring those worlds to life.