As a child actor, he made appearances on iconic pop culture shows such as Sesame Street and Romper Room. He later became best known for his career in professional wrestling where he has made countless appearances worldwide for the leaders in sports entertainment and throughout the Independents. Brimstone has had a long history of appearing in various films, television programming, short films, documentaries, video game voice acting, and cameos in music videos. Notable nationally televised appearances include WWF Superstars, MTV’s TRL, 106 and Park and The Ricki Lake Show as well as countless appearances on national and local affiliates including NBC, CBS, ABC and The CW. He’s been featured in documentaries including Wrestling Then & Now and Standing in the Stars: The Peter Mayhew Story as well as music videos like, Touch & Go by rapper Joe Budden, Dawn Monroe’s Get it Poppin, Bethany Davis’ Lose Control and multiple videos by Frank Lucas, Jr. (Street Star and Let’s Go). He’s also been credited with background vocals on guitarist Bumblefoot’s 2015 release, Little Brother is Watching. Video game voice-over credits include, Seduce Me 2: The Demon War, Sorim Story: Race World (Brimstone is a playable character, available skin and voice of multiple characters), Triagat as the character Idium, Brimstone’s own Forza Infernis (on Android, Apple & XBox One), Wasteland Wars & GHR: The Great Airspace Chase; is voicing the character Yolo in the game, Liquid Metal and was announced as voicing the lead character, Terror T in the upcoming 2D video game Cereal Killaz. In VR – Brim voices the lead character, Wyatt in the Western based shooting game Finger Gun for the Oculus Quest 2. His first foray into motion and performance capture will be in the video game, Blue Jacket & Red Coat going into production early 2021 playing and voicing the role of Slade Stone. Brim’s voice can also be heard in a variety of Q&E Productions’ animated shorts, as Game Day in The Weeklings animated series, Santa Claws for viral YouTube channel, eLL Cartoons, as well as a surprise character in the viral, God’s School. He will be voicing characters including Commander Frosting in Donut Baby for Noise Nest Animation Network (Viacom) and the character Felix the Fennic Fox in the upcoming network television, children’s animated series and interactive educational website, Wobworld. Brim has a cameo on a celebrity stacked, narrative fantasy podcast, Children of Sperea where he voices the role of Private Rarla. He can be heard on the Kikkoman Corporation’s national radio ads that he not only voiced; but collaborated in the conception and production thereof. He played the killer in the 2010 horror film, Killer Hoo-Ha! as well as roles in independent films like, Preacher Six, Mott Haven: Cash for Keys, Bloodline, The Roadhouse and many more. Brim can be found in the series, Seymour the Unfortunate Vampire and making cameo’s in Troma Entertainment’s 2017 Virtual Reality film, Sgt. Ka-Spooky-Man’s Cray-Cray VR Halloween Extravaganza, Kabukiman’s Cocktail Corner and Shakespeare’s Sh!tstorm in 2019.

But that’s not all – Brimstone will also be serving as the announcer and voice of MonstahXpo 3D! He’ll announce our other celebrity guests, panels, and screenings throughout the show and keep the energy high throughout the convention.