Tim Clarke

Tim will be appearing at the TriAction Toys table on Sunday only!
Besides his iconic works on favorites such as Dark Crystal, Fraggle Rock, Boglins, and Sectaurs- Tim is always bringing new puppets, projects, or Boglins designs to the table!
Tim is a puppet builder who worked for The Jim Henson Company during the 1980s. He is credited on the movie Dark Crystal for creature design and fabrication supervision for The Mystics, the Pod People Slaves, the Crystal Bats, Landstrider, and environmental puppets. He also built Uncle Traveling Matt for Fraggle Rock from Michael K. Frith’s designs. A prototype for the Garthim figure is on display as part of Jim Henson’s office at the Center for Puppetry Arts “Worlds of Puppetry” exhibit. His other work in toy design includes Sectaurs, the newly re-released Boglins toy line, and coming soon, the Boglins movie!!